Well, I made it through this week.  It seemed particularly taxing.  Last weekend, I found one of the most useful books for writing.  It’s called, “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers” by Renni Browne and Dave King.  If you have written a novel and are in the process of editing, you need to find this book to help you edit.  I paid to have an editor read my book and she made quite a few changes that were excellent.  However, some of the things she made changes on were not consistent so I got confused.  For instance, when she recommended in my second book that I try “stacking” paragraphs, i.e. double indentation.  When I got back my first book, she removed every single one and had a few paragraphs without any indentation.  I decided not to do either and stick with what was accepted.  In this book, the authors discuss “white space” on a page and explain why and how.  The authors make no mention of her paragraphing technique.

Of note, self-editing is important, but it isn’t something you should try to do at the same time you write.  The authors recommend a two-step process.  Write first and edit.  If you self-publish, you can buy an editing service from the publisher or find one on your own.  The quality that you get may not be as good as you should have.  If you are published through a larger publishing house, editorial services are reduced.  You need to know how to edit your own work.

So, after I read this book, I reviewed the first chapter of my second book.  The page had marks all over it.  Then, I realized that the correction to my first book was only halfway complete.  I called Createspace and stopped the process.  I had to pay for my book to be re-submitted, but I think it will be worth the effort.  I dropped everything and spent this week making corrections to my first book and sent it in.  I’ll start my second book over.  Fortunately, I was only beginning prep stage for initial publication and hadn’t paid for anything yet.

I found this copy in a used book store.  Your library may have it.  Check around.  It’s very, very useful.

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  1. June 25, 2011    

    SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS is the editing “bible,” a classic writers have loved and been telling each other about ever since HarperCollins first published it in 1993 (2nd edition in 2004), to the point that it’s a perennial bestseller. Three excerpts are posted at the website of the book-editing company Renni Browne founded in 1980:

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