Book Review: “Haven” by Kay Hooper

Haven is an organization located in New Mexico that hires psychics and employs them to help resolve crimes.  They do so based on the request of the local law enforcement officials.  They also work with the Special Crimes Unit of the FBI.

Jessica Rayburn is a member of Haven, but her full potential as a psychic has been blocked by a traumatic event that happened seventeen years ago in her hometown of Baron Hollow.  She embarks on a quest to recover her memory of that event and returns home, the prodigal daughter.  Her sister, Emma, has turned the old family home into a B&B, which is thriving in the small community.  The reunion is not particularly warm and Jessica seems distracted.  As she explores her feelings and her old hometown for clues about what happened that night, more memories surface and they aren’t pleasant.  At the same time, another investigator from Haven shows up and finds a dead body.  There are no reports of anyone missing and the local sheriff drops the investigation.  But who killed her?  A killer is on the loose in the small town, but there aren’t any tangible clues to follow, only instinct, gut feelings, and ghost sightings.

I enjoyed this tale and got caught up in the mystery.  The author purposely leaves out the names out when the killer stalks his prey so no one knows until the end who he really is.  It’s a surprise.  It’s an easy read and goes by fast.

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