Movie review: “Life (2017)”

What would we do if we discovered life in space?  This movie attempts to answer that question as six astronauts onboard the space station find life on a Martian probe.  It starts as a single-cell animal and grows rapidly until it threatens the crew.  Jake Gullenhaal stars as Dr. Jordan, a space veteran who has been on the space station for over four hundred days.  Rebecca Ferguson is Dr. North who teams with Dr. Jordan to find a way to stop the creature.  Ryan Reynolds also has a role in this film but it doesn’t last too long.

At first, people on Earth are excited by the discovery and embrace the find.  They even come up with a name for it, Calvin.  But the astronauts face a completely different task as the creature becomes uncontrollable.  They must stop it before it reaches Earth.

Interesting concept and could be a real problem for us if we do find life and find it isn’t friendly.  What do we do?  Could we even kill it?  I believe this film will have a sequel since the date was in the title.  In the meantime, we can come up with more ways to stop the creature and save our planet.  There may not be much time when the aliens arrive, so start thinking now.

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