Book Review: “Long Time Gone” by J.A. Jance

This book was published in 2005 and is the first novel I’ve read by this author.  She is a giant in the field of mysteries and has written over thirty books.

J.P. Beaumont used to be a detective with the Homicide Division of the San Francisco Police Department.  He changed jobs but not occupations and now works for the State Attorney’s Special Homicide Investigation Team, known as SHIT.  Really.  Anyway, he’s assigned a cold case, a murder that happened over fifty years ago and suppressed in the memory of a Catholic nun.  At the same time, his best bud, Ron, a police officer, is suspected in the murder of his wife.  Ron is a paraplegic, confined to a wheel chair, but in spite of his handicap, no one doubts his ability to execute his wife.  Beaumont juggles both cases at the same time, dealing with his emotional ties to his friend while investigating a case requiring a lot of research.

I enjoyed getting involved with this mystery and it was easy to keep them separate because they were dissimilar.  The author’s writing is easy to read and flows nicely.  She has a lot more books on her shelf and I’ve only read one.  I’ll read another sometime in the future.

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