Movie Review: “Beauty and the Beast”

One of my favorite fairy tales of all time.  It’d been made into a movie before, but I think this is one of the best ones.  Emma Watson stars as Belle with Luke Evans as her suitor, Gaston.  Dan Stevens is the Beast and must have suffered through hours of make up to get into costume.

The Beast wasn’t always a beast, but become one when he crossed a witch who was looking for shelter during a violent storm.  At the time, the Beast was a prince, having a extravagant ball at his palace.  The witch cursed him but gave him time to reverse the curse if he could find true love before the rose petals fell off the stem.  Sometime later, Belle’s father, played by Kevin Kline, gets lost on his way to the market and is attacked by wolves.  He seeks shelter at the palace only to be thrown into the dungeon.  Belle arrives to save him, but instead, ends up in his place.  Meanwhile, Gaston shows up to marry Belle and it gets complicated.

This story was one of my favorites before it became a musical, by the way.  The music came much later.  There was an animated version before with the music.  I don’t know why Disney decided to remake the film using real people, but I’m glad they did.  I really liked it.

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