Movie Review: “Ghost in the Shell”

This movie takes place sometime in the future in Japan when there is the technology to attach a human’s brain to a robotic body.  Scarlett Johansen stars as Major, the latest and thus far, most successful attempt to make this technology work.  She’s assigned to a crime fighting unit and intervenes to save the life of a visiting head of state.  As she attempts to investigate more about the crime, she has a flashback, a glitch in her system.  Her memory, all but erased, is cleansed again.  However, more glitches appear and she soon faces an unknown enemy and uncovers her memory and a new reality.

The film was dark and monotone in spite of all the action in the film.  I found it difficult to connect to the story.  There was a complete role reversal where the good guys became the bad guys and vice versa.  The problem was that I didn’t care.  The computer graphics were outstanding and the fight scenes well-choreographed.  Even the acting was fine.  It was the storyline that left me high and dry.  Maybe if…

I did notice that this film was made in association with two Chinese movie studios.  I see that more and more nowadays.  Guess they’re willing to fork over the money.

I was disappointed by this film.  This was a Scarlett Johansen movie!  You may have a different idea when you see it, but my sister even took a nap during the middle.  She woke herself up snoring.  I managed to stay awake, but to be honest, she didn’t miss anything.

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