Audiobook Review: “All Day and a Night” by Alafair Burke

Twenty years ago, Anthony Amaro was convicted of the murder of a woman but he was suspected in five more murders. Although the man was in prison, a recent murder with the same M.O. raises doubt on the previous conviction. Two NYPD homicide detectives, Ellie Hatcher and J.J. Rogan, are assigned to take a fresh look at the case. At about the same time, a new young lawyer, Carrie, joins the defense team determined to overturn Amaro’s conviction and find the real killer. Carrie has a personal interest in the case as her sister, Donna, was murdered and deemed to be one of Amaro’s victims. The evidence is confusing and leads Carrie home to find more evidence and uncover the truth.

This case was interesting. It led me down one path believing in the innocence of a man wrongly convicted of this heinous crime, but on the other hand, it reaffirmed previous investigation based as much on gut feelings as it was based on fact. In the end, the murderer was found, but not without a great deal of turmoil.

The title is jargon, by the way, for a life conviction without the possibility of parole, Anthony Amaro’s original sentence.

The author has written several other Ellie Hatcher novels which may be worthwhile reading.

Published in 2014 and read by Andi Arndt.


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