Audiobook Review: “Blood Memory” by Greg Iles

This book takes place in New Orleans, which was appropriate as I listened to it as I drove past the city. Dr. Catherine “Cat” Ferry is a consultant to the New Orleans Police Department as an Odontologist, a specialist in bite marks. Her latest problem is that she passed out at the crime scene, where a serial killer is on the loose shooting the victim twice and leaving unusual bite marks on the body. The Police Chief suspends her until she gets well, but the impact of the crime scenes has an impact on Cat and she reaches a breaking point. She returns to her childhood home in Natchez, Mississippi, only to uncover disturbing clues to her father’s death when she was eight. As she investigates, fragments of her repressed memories are revealed and are somehow connected to the recent murders.

This story provides a lot of information about repressed memories and the devastating impact they have on our lives. The author obviously did extensive research on the subject or may be involved in the research itself.

This was an unusual combination of a psychological thriller and a murder mystery in one story. I enjoyed listening to it. It was read by Joyce Bean and was published in 2005.

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