Audiobook Review: “Political Suicide” by Michael Palmer

Dr. Lou Welcome is a longtime friend of Dr. Gary McHugh, a well known society doctor in the Washington, D.C. area. When Dr. McHugh is arrested for the murder of Elias Colston, the powerful Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, he calls upon his friend, Lou, to prove his innocence. As Lou begins his investigation, he’s joined by McHugh’s attorney, Sarah Cooper. At first, all the signs point to the man’s guilt, but slowly, new evidence is uncovered that leads Lou in a different direction and a possible motive.

Lou was in over his head on this investigation. He wasn’t a professional and made several mistakes, but he was curious and persistent. He was also lucky he wasn’t killed. His skills as a physician came in handy saving his own life. I kept expecting the separate investigations of Lou and Sarah to collide at some point in this novel, but they didn’t.  They could have.

The beginning of the novel threw me for a loop because it detailed a mission of suicide bombers made up of U.S. Marines. I understood it by the end of the book. The title also becomes clear at the end of the book so just give it time to resolve itself. It will.

I enjoyed listening to this novel. The author has written over seventeen novels of medical suspense. It was read by Robert Petkoff.

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