Book Review: “Home” by Harlan Coben

Ten years ago, two six-year-old boys were kidnapped from home.  A new lead has surfaced, researched by Win, the cousin to one of the boy’s mother.  Win is no ordinary man, although his exact occupation is never given.  He falls into the category of secret agent, along the lines of an American James Bond or a very refined CIA operative.  His best friend is Myron Bolitar, a former NBA basketball superstar, who retired from the sport due to injury.  Together, they form an investigative team intent on solving the disappearance of the two boys.

The new lead takes Win to London where he spots one of the boys, Patrick Moore, now sixteen, but before he can approach him, three thugs appear.  To protect Patrick, Win intervenes and kills the three men and Patrick runs away.  Win calls upon his friend, Myron to help find the boy and the other missing boy before they disappear again.

To solve the mystery, Win and Myron start the investigation all over again from the beginning, encountering usual characters such as Fat Gandhi and employing the talents of friends like Little Pocahantas and Big Cyndi, to name a few.  I really liked the twists and turns this story took, especially at the end.

The author writes in a tongue-in-cheek manner and carries it throughout the book.  It’s quite amusing.  This book is filled with characters and I enjoyed meeting them while they worked on this mystery.  This book was published in 2016.

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