Movie Review: “Wonder Woman”

Another superhero comes to the big screen. Wonder Woman comes alive as Gal Gadot stars in this feature film. She does an outstanding job. In prior films, she had a very small part to play but this time, the film was all hers. I enjoyed this film immensely.

The story introduces us to Diana, the daughter of the Queen of the Amazons who lives on a small island protected from the rest of the world by some sort of screen. As she grows up, she’s trained as a warrior, prepared to face the Greek God of War, Ares. One day as she stares out to sea, the world comes barging in when an airplane crashes near the island. Diana dives into the water and rescues the pilot, Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), only to find that he’s being followed by German soldiers. The Amazons are attacked, and many are killed. Diana finds out that World War I is going on and knows that Ares is behind it all. She must find him and kill him before he destroys the world.

The movie has several good battle scenes as well as some humor. In particular, Diana has no clue what the rest of the world is like, and her adjustment is often comical. But she remains focused on her task to find Aries and destroy him.


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