Book review: “The Trespasser” by Tana French

Antoinette Conway has been a detective on the Murder Squad of the Dublin Police in Ireland for two harrowing years. Filled with incidents of harassment, her nerves are almost shot. But she’s teamed with a new partner, Steve Moran, someone she knows and trusts. At the end of one of their overnight shifts, they’re assigned a murder investigation. From all appearances, it looks like the boyfriend killed his girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage. The evidence all points in that direction and they try to gather the evidence they need to charge the boyfriend. However, a gut feeling or instinct, something holds Conway back, and she wants more. And she digs deep to find it.

This story show the mundane and routine part of police work. Sometimes, it’s tedious and points the detectives in the wrong direction, but sometimes, it’s spot on. It’s no wonder that some cases are never solved. The author spends considerable time developing the relationship of the two detectives and their desire to do the right thing. It’s not easy work and takes a lot of persistence, even in solving a simple case of jealous rage.

I found some of the jargon and Irish lingo a little difficult to understand, but I got the gist of it and that was what was important. Otherwise, the writing was excellent. Even the long discourses of discussion kept my interest. I think this may be the author’s latest book as it was published in 2016.  I’d definitely read another book by her.

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