Movie Review: “Spider-man: Homecoming”

Tom Holland stars as Spider-man, a teen-aged super hero. In this movie, he’s fifteen and and an intern for Tony Stark or Ironman, played by who else, Robert Downey Jr. Tony’s given him a special suit for the job but he’s only allowed to work on certain jobs, not the one he gets involved with. When he stops an ATM robbery, he finds the robbers all have special futuristic weapons, available nowhere else. He decides to pursue the lead and finds himself facing Vulture, played by Michael Keaton.

This movie is also a story about a teen-ager filled with all the angst and awkwardness of that time in everyone’s life. He has a crush on Liz but he’s too shy to let her know. His best friend, Ned, played by Jacob Batalon (who does an outstanding job as the sidekick), is the only way he makes it through high school while fighting criminals at the same time.

I enjoyed this movie, but I kept waiting for a good song to go with it. The old song from the TV show played in my head without anything to replace it. It’s a fun movie, but if you can’t put up with teen-agers, you may have an issue with it. By the way, I saw Tom Holland on the “Ellen Show” just a few days ago and he’s really British and 21 years old. You’d never be able to tell that in the movie. By the way, I just read where this movie is a big hit with over $250 million in ticket sales this weekend alone. Good job!

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