Movie Review: “The Lost City of Z”

Here’s a movie that I’d never heard of and I’m not sure how long ago it came out. In 1906, Major Percy Fawcett of the British Royal Army received orders to Bolivia to map the border for the Royal Geographic Society. Major Fawcett led a small team into the jungle and with the help of a native slave, he found the head of the river, marking the border. At the same time, he found pottery shards, indicating the presence of an advanced civilization in the jungle at some time in the past. Unfortunately, he had no time to explore as he had run out of supplies and his men were exhausted. When he returned to England, his claim was met with ridicule and skepticism, but he was determined to go back and find the Lost City of Zed.  And he did, two more times.

Charlie Hunnam stars as Major Percival Fawcett, a dedicated officer in the British Royal Army and Sienna Miller stars as his wife, Nina. In fact, Nina’s support and dedication to his exploration made it all possible even though it took him away from her for long periods.

This story was based on a true story, written by David Gann based on the diaries of Major Fawcett. The book was published in 2009.

The movie seemed slow, but I find the story intriguing.

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