Book Review: “Final Act” by J.M. Gregson

Sam Jackson was a TV producer for the Horror in Herefordshire show, starring Martin Buttivant as Inspector Loxton. No one liked Sam; he was a boorish man with never a kind word to anyone. He kept secrets on his actors, forcing them to accept lower pay in exchange for work. One day, he’s found dead and the investigation begins.

Detective Superintendent Lambert and Detective Sergeant Hook are sent to the scene to begin the investigation. It begins slowly as the interview everyone on the set and find no answers. However, they also note that the witnesses are all actors and can tell a lie without blinking. A few days later, Ernie Clark, the associate producer, is found dead in his car. With two murders, the investigations intensifies and the questioning begins again.

Although this story was deemed a Lambert and Hook Mystery, it wasn’t about the investigation as much as it was about the team of actors and supporting cast who were on the show. The actors moved independently from the investigation, but somehow, the police always found out. I would call this a quiet mystery with few surprises and little violence. It was published in 2016 and is the author’s fiftieth mystery novel.

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