Book Review: “Final Girls” by Mira Grant

This book was published in 2017 and is a novella. It only has seven chapters and could be read in a day, if you stick with it.

The story begins with a scene out of a horror movie. Two sisters are being chased by a scarecrow and one stays back so the other can live. The two sisters are undergoing a novel psychotherapy process that uses drugs to put them in a sleep state and a computer program to control their dreams. Through it, the two sisters have grown to love each other. That’s when Esther, a skeptical journalist, arrives to investigate the program. In order to understand it, she agrees to undergo it. The director knows that the program works best with two people and she becomes the other half. She thinks that if she can establish a bond to Esther, she’ll think better of the program and give her a more favorable review. The program’s in session when the therapist handling the session is killed. An uninvited guest takes over.

I’m not into horror movies and at first, I wasn’t interested, but I read on and became more interested. I must admit when the zombies arrived, I was ready to quit but it was part of the therapy and the results were unexpected. It was an interesting read, filled with a number of twists and it was short.



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