Movie Review: “Birth of a Dragon”

Ever wonder how and why Bruce Lee got Kong Fu movies started? This movie provides some answers. It’s based on a true story about a match between Bruce Lee and a Shaolin monk by the name of Wong Jack Man. Philip Ng stars as Bruce Lee and Xia Yu is Wong Jack Man.

Wong arrives in the United States as penance for a mistake he made in a demonstration against as Tai Chi Master. He nearly killed him with a kick to the chest when it was supposed to be a non-contact demonstration. He arrives in San Francisco and gets a job as a dishwasher. The Kong Fu community in San Fran hears of his arrival and Bruce Lee knows the monk is here to punish him for bringing Kong Fu to America. A challenge is made and accepted. Not only is money at stake but so is the freedom of a beautiful Chinese woman caught in a human trafficking scheme.

Interesting story. The fight changes both men and influences the path of Kong Fu in America. I’ve been a fan of these movies for a long time and I still marvel at the skill and fluidity of the masters and have long been interested in the philosophy.


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