Movie Review: “Hitman’s Bodyguard”

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson make a good team in this comedy/action movie. Reynolds is Michael Bryce who owns a bodyguard business in London, while Jackson is Kincaid, a hitman, wanted by everyone, but in this case, wanted as a witness against the tyrannical president of Belarus. Bryce has until tomorrow at five to get the witness to the International Court at the Hague. Of course, they’re hunted by allies of the┬ápresident but along the way they get to know each other and their love lives. The two men are complete opposites which makes the situation more comical. Can they get to the Court on time?

I enjoyed this movie; it combined comedy with action in addition to a love story. Can’t get much more than that in a flick nowadays. Reynolds and Jackson are hilarious and outstanding in their roles. One caution is that it is R rated and has a lot of “adult” language and shooting in it, so if you can’t handle it, don’t go see this one. But if you can, go and sit back and have a good time. Remember it’s only a movie.

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