Movie Review: “The Dark Tower”

This movie was based on a series of books written by Stephen King. I really enjoyed this film in spite of what other reviewers said. Like all fantasy movies, you have to accept the premise to begin with–there is a dark tower in the middle of the universe that protects Keystone Earth and other planets from the dark forces of the universe. If the tower comes down, the dark forces win.

Idris Alba stars as Roland, the gunslinger with his sidekick, Jake Chambers played by Tom Taylor. Jake is a twelve-year-old boy living in New York City who has been having a series of psychic events that he doesn’t understand. He’s seen Roland in them and has drawn a picture of him, but he’s also seen the Walter, the Man in Black who is trying to tear the tower down. It’s a good mix and the confrontation between good and evil takes place right in New York City as well as in the other world.

So, if there are earthquakes in New York City, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Someone may be trying to take down the dark tower and doom mankind and the rest of the Earth.

The acting was superb and the computer graphics excellent. I’d never seen a gun loaded so fast–good computer graphics there. The plot moves along quickly and seems to leave an opening for a sequel.

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