Movie Review: “American Assassin”

Michael Keaton stars as Stan Hurley, a grizzly old veteran of the CIA who trains Mitch Rapp, played by Dylan O’Brien as a new assassin. The story begins 18 months earlier when Mitch and his girlfriend, Katrina, are on vacation. He’s just proposed to her and to celebrate, he gets a couple of drinks. While away, terrorists storm the beach and kill as many as they can including Katrina. Mitch is injured but survives and vows revenge. He takes the next 18 months to learn about the Arab terrorists, their religion, and their language, and finds a way into their cell. What he doesn’t know is that the CIA has been following his activities. Closely.

The reviews weren’t great, but I really liked this film. There was a lot of action and the acting was excellent. The only problem that I saw was that Mitch and the Ghost looked similar and I confused them at first. Other than that, the plot moved along nicely. In addition, there was a nice twist at the end.

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