Movie Review: “Wind River”

This movie was inspired by actual events and takes place in Wyoming in Wind River Country. Jeremy Renner has an outstanding performance as Cory Lambert, who is a game warden and hunter. While hunting for a cougar who killed a steer, he finds the body of a young girl. She was the best friend of his daughter, Emily, who died three years ago under eerily similar circumstance. He calls for help and the chief of police for the tribe shows up and notifies the FBI. Sent to investigate is Jane Banner, an agent out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the closest to the scene. Her job is to determine the cause of death and notify headquarters. The official cause of death is the cold weather and prolonged exposure even though the girl had been raped. Banner knows that the only way the FBI can investigate is if the determination is a homicide. At that point, she takes over the investigation anyway and asks Lambert for his help to find the true killer or killers.

The scenery is really awesome but it makes you realize how hard it is to live under these conditions. People there survive, not thrive, but they stay with nowhere to go. It’s a tough life.

I really enjoyed the plot of this movie and the acting was truly outstanding. There is one disturbing message given at the end. There are no statistics for missing Native American women even though there are statistics for all groups. Strange isn’t it? No one knows how many are missing or if they’re dead or alive.

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