Book Review: “A Thin Dark Line” by Tami Hoag

Published in 1997. This story begins with the acquittal of Marcus Renard for murder when a key piece of evidence is thrown out by the judge. The detective, Nick Fourcard, is blamed for planting evidence, but stops the victim’s father from extracting his own justice. The community is outraged at the turn of events.

Annie Broussard is a deputy sheriff and wants to be a detective. In addition, this case has captured her attention as she was the one to find the victim’s mutilated body. She finds an opportunity to meet Fourcard and offer her assistance in nailing Renard. He brushes her off and she leaves, only to find him in the middle of the parking lot beating up Renard. Somehow, she forces Fourcard to stop and arrests him for assault. As a result of her action, all the other officers in and out of the department make her life miserable. But that’s only the beginning of her problems.

I was fascinated by this story and couldn’t put it down, even though the print was small and the book long. The plot had several good twists and turns and the characters leapt off the page. I was thoroughly engaged in this story. One of the best books I’ve read recently.

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