Book Review: “Host” by Robin Cook

This book was published in 2015 and is the thirty-fourth novel of Dr. Robin Cook. It takes place in Charleston, South Carolina and is about a four year medical student, Lynn Pierce, and her best friend, Michael Pender as they attempt to find out what happened to Lynn’s boyfriend, Carl. He went in for surgery to repair his ACL on his knee at the Mason-Dixon Medical Center, but ends up brain dead and in a coma. Within days, he’s transferred to another hospital that specializes in the care of coma patients. Although the students know their investigation is a class 5 felony, they continue anyway and quickly uncover a hornet’s nest.

I enjoyed this novel although it took me a little to get into it. The book started with two chapters of backstory–a prologue that had nothing to do with the main character but did connect to the hospital and the first chapter was about Lynn’s boyfriend with only a mention of Lynn. In my opinion, the novel begins in chapter 2. Once the two medical students went into the action, I was swept along and could hardly put the book down.

At first, the title didn’t seem to fit, but there’s another definition of the word host that refers to a parasitic relationship between two beings–one feeds off the other.

Well, it’s a pretty good book, but there are a lot of medical terms that are beyond my comprehension and the understanding of two medical students as well. But if I read it again, I’d start at chapter 2 and go back to the prologue and chapter 1 later.

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