Movie Review: “Blade Runner 2049”

This movie stars Ryan Gosling as a replicant known as K and the time is 2049 in Los Angeles. As a blade runner, his job with the LAPD is to hunt down the older model replicants and kill them. On one mission, he uncovers a mystery and the key to solving it is Deckard, a former LAPD officer replicant, played by Harrison Ford. The discovery could have a devastating impact on the world and the use of replicants.

Great special effects seemed to overwhelm the story of this film. There were several long lapses where little happened and nothing said. In addition, there were a few plot holes like how K got a new vehicle at the end and how he knew who Deckard’s daughter was. Of note, the weather in L.A. is very different; there wasn’t much sunshine and it was rainy and snowy. In order to keep the ocean out, a high wall had to be built. And San Diego was no longer a separate city but the trash heap for L.A. For some reason, some of the signs were for companies no longer in business, like Pan Am and a lot of them were in Japanese.

Overall, the concept was interesting. This movie is a follow-on to a movie made in 1982. I’m not sure I even saw it–maybe it’ll show up on TV one day. I would say this movie would interest science fiction fans looking for another cult film, but I wanted more.

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