Movie Review: “Geostorm”

The countries on Earth have joined together to create a system of satellites to control the weather. Jake Lawson, played by Gerard Butler, has headed the project from the beginning until he faces a Senate committee hearing and is fired for insubordination as well as other issues. He’s replaced by his brother, Max who is played by Jim Sturgess. Their relationship was never good to begin with, but now it grows cold. For the next three years, the Geostorm project, also known as Dutchboy, works well until the satellites begin to malfunction. Max knows his brother, Jake, is the only person who can fix it and sends him back to the Space Station. But even he can’t do anything until he realizes that someone is behind the malfunction. Someone’s planted a virus in the computer system causing all the satellites to go haywire. But who and why?

I enjoyed this movie even though the reviews weren’t great. There isn’t a system of satellites to control the weather and I’m not sure how well it could work. It seems that every time we try to fix nature, the worse things get. I guess we can all dream that one day all the countries would work together for the greater good, but that’s a dream, not reality. Anyway, the computer graphics were quite good and I liked the acting. I’m not sure what the critics thought was so wrong with this movie, but I liked it.

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