Movie Review: “The Foreigner”

Jackie Chan stars as Quon, the father of a young woman killed in an IRA bombing in London. The bombing marks the first in 19 years and is claimed by a group called the Authentic IRA. Distraught, Quon seeks revenge on the men who did it and is frustrated by the lack of progress by the Met, the London police. He learns of a man by the name of Hennessey, played by Pierce Brosnan, who now represents Northern Ireland to the British Government. He was a former IRA leader and Quon is certain he knows who did the bombing. He doesn’t, at least not yet as he begins his owns efforts to find out who did it. What he finds is the last thing he wanted to know.

Intriguing story and well acted. Jackie Chan is in one of his best roles of his career, proving that he’s more than just a martial arts expert–he’s an actor. Pierce Brosnan does an equally outstanding role as Hennesey, maintaining an Irish brogue throughout.

The film has some interesting twists and turns that kept me interested all the way. It’s rated R and does have quite a bit of violence, but that’s what revenge is about, isn’t it?

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