Book Review: “A Song of Shadows” by John Connolly

Published in 2015, this book is a Charlie Parker thriller, the fifteenth novel in the series. I’d never read any of this author’s books before, but I didn’t have an issue starting the series at the end. The previous book must have ended with a bang, because this one begins with a whimper. Charlie Parker had been severely injured and is now recuperating.

The book begins with a description of the town of Boreas, Maine and the work of a real estate agent. There’s no mention of Charlie Parker until later when a house is rented for his recovery. Only two houses are available for rent on the bay, one for Charlie Parker and another for a young woman, Ruth Winter, and her daughter, Amanda. A few days after Charlie moves in, a body washes up on the beach and later identified as Bruno Perlman. At first, the death is considered an accidental drowning, but Charlie has his doubts. Although he’s still recovering from his near-death injuries, he assists in the investigation.

Once this story gets rolling, it’s intriguing and I really enjoyed it, but the first two chapters nearly turned me off the story. But I kept hoping that Charlie Parker would show up and he did, finally. I’ll keep my eye out for other books by this author.

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