Movie Review: “Murder on the Orient Express”

This is the fourth remake of a classic movie based on the novel by Agatha Christie. In this one, Kenneth Branagh not only stars in the film as Hercules Poirot, but also directs it as well. And he does an outstanding job. His mustache is quite unusual but that’s one of the distinctive characteristics of Poirot.

The movie begins at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1934 as Poirot solves a case in front of the masses. After that, he boards the Orient Express to head to London. He doesn’t have a reservation but gets on after someone fails to arrive on time. Once on board, he meets a cast of characters ranging from a shady antiques dealer (Johnny Depp) to a widow looking for a husband (Michelle Pfeiffer) to a Princess (Judy Densch) and nine others. On the first night, the antiques dealer is murdered and Poirot is asked to solve the murder before the train reaches its next destination. Fortunately, an avalanche delays the train so Poirot can finish his investigation. And it’s not what I thought it would be.

This was an outstanding rendition of the classic with great acting and fabulous scenery. I enjoyed trying to figure this one out, but like Poirot, I had great difficulty with it. To my surprise, the theater matinee show was crowded with almost every seat filled. Guess there are a lot of mystery lovers in the area.

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