4-The Island Game: The Inside Story of Seaward Isle

Synopsis:  When a modern day reporter is stranded on the mysterious Seaward Isle, she begins an investigation into its location, its history and mythic origins even as she and her husband struggle to make their way in this strange, uncharted world.

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Preview:  CHAPTER 1


Have you ever played the island game?  You know the one–if you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring?  My friends and I used to ponder the philosophical answers and laugh at the impractical ones, like when I wanted to take my blow dryer.  They laughed at me.  No power, they said, but look at my hair, I replied.  It didn’t matter.  It was just for a laugh.  None of us would ever be stranded.  At least, that’s what I used to think.

My name is Olivia Richards.  I’m a free lance journalist from New York City.  I lived there with my husband, John, the architect.  That was before we actually got stranded on an uncharted island called Seaward Isle along with thousands of other people.


John and I were on vacation, sailing on a small yacht in the Mediterranean Sea when a storm appeared out of nowhere.  We rode it out below deck, clinging to each other, but when we felt it crash, we scrambled to safety on the shores of Seaward Isle.  The place wasn’t on our charts nor was it on anyone else’s.  The truth is, we don’t know where we are.  The local residents took us in, treated our minor injuries, and released us to join the rest of the population.

Island life has its own share of problems, not the least of which is finding a job.  In the few weeks we’ve been here, neither of us has found any meaningful employment.  Most of the jobs here are menial and unskilled.  I have over ten years of experience in journalism, documenting wars and revolutions, but never anything like this.


I have a wild idea to start a newspaper to make some money, so I’ve scheduled an exclusive interview with Lord Odin, leader of the Elves on this island for today, July 30, 2011 according to my calendar, at 3 o’clock this afternoon.  And just so you know, I haven’t gone island crazy yet.  There are people here who claim to be Elves.  I intend to find out who they really are.

Since there’s no electricity here, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to produce a newspaper, but I’ll write it by hand if I have to.  No power also means that most of our salvaged equipment won’t work.  My husband heroically dove underwater to retrieve a bag containing our most precious electronic equipment, not to mention my blow dryer.  I threw it away when I realized there was nothing to plug it into, and my friends had been right to laugh at me.  My light brown hair is a mass of unruly curls, but I’ve noticed all the women here have the same problem.

Our laptop and phones were soaked, so my husband rinsed them with fresh water and let them dry.  To our surprise, one of the phones turned on–for a few minutes.  I tried to call my mother in California, but couldn’t get in touch with her.  I left her a message.  I hope she gets it.

The island residents led us to a small salvage yard where we found a solar charger for double-A batteries for the hand-held tape recorder that was in my jacket pocket when we crashed.  As a reporter, I got used to carrying it all the time, just in case.  We also found an old manual typewriter.  Now, all I need is a good source of paper.


We were told that there is no way to escape this island, and I can confirm that.  Just last week, I witnessed an attempt by a brave family in a homemade sailboat.  The boat was destroyed in the storms that surround the island, and the family drowned.

But I want answers.  Hopefully, we’ll get off this island someday, and I’ll be able to share my experiences with the world.

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