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2016 Book Excellence Award Finalist

Spell Breaker: The Chronicles of Eledon Book One by Joni Parker This award honors books with high quality design, writing and market appeal. Issued by Literary Excellence Incorporated.


“Spell Breaker” Chapter One

Chapter 1 SPELL BREAKER The fate of Seaward Isle and all its inhabitants weighed heavily on Alex’s mind as she trudged up the stairs at her cousin’s fortress in Southport.  Her thoughts wavered between doubt and fear—doubt she could achieve what was being asked of her and fearful of the consequences should she succeed.  Her […]


Cover Reveal “Spell Breaker”

I’m very excited as the final preparations are underway for the publication of my next book, “Spell Breaker.”  It’s the first book of a four-book series called “The Chronicles of Eledon.”  I’d like to introduce the cover with a view of the sea from Seaward Isle without the storms that surrounded it for a thousand […]