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My name is Joni Parker and I was born in Chicago, Illinois.  When I was 8, my family moved to Japan so my dad could join the PGA (Professional Golf Association).  He attained his dream and we stayed there for over four years before we returned to the States to live in Phoenix, Arizona.  My dad worked as a pro at a small golf course, but my parents divorced shortly thereafter.  I attended Camelback High School and went on to college.  Rather than complete a degree program at Arizona State University, I opted for a tour in the Navy.  Upon completion of a three year stint, I got married and returned to college, attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and an MBA in finance.  After a short period of employment as an accountant at Gulf Power Company, I went back in the Navy this time as an Officer.  I stuck it out for nineteen more years and retired as a Commander.  My husband and I spent a few years living in our motorhome, criss-crossing the United States and Canada.  Unfortunately, my husband passed away, so I went back to work, this time for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  After seven years, I retired for a second time to devote my time to writing.  I now live in Tucson, Arizona with my sister.

In addition to writing, I enjoy swimming, listening to audiobooks on long drives across country, my daily walks, and taking classes on writing.



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