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Book Review: “The Final Cut” by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison

This book is a collaboration between the two authors and was published in 2013.  It’s always hard to know how much each author contributed to one of these books, but the primary name on the cover is Catherine Coulter.  She’s written over twenty books, many of which are bestsellers.  J.T. Ellison has written nine novels […]


“Bombshell” Audiobook review

Written by Catherine Coulter, this book was published in 2013.  This was an abridged novel and was performed by Paul Costanzo and Renee Raudman. In this novel, the author continued her pattern of having two dissimilar stories in the same book with the only interaction being the head of the FBI unit.  In the first […]


“Backfire” Audiobook review

This book was written by Catherine Coulter and was published in 2012.  It was performed by Jim Meskimen and Deanna Hurst. Here’s a short summary of the book:  Ramsey Hunt, a federal judge in San Francisco, is severely injured during an assassination attempt and the FBI is called in to investigate.  As Agents Savich and […]


“Split Second” Audiobook Review

This book was originally published in 2011 and was written by Catherine Coulter.  It was performed by Paul Costanzo and Renee Raudman. There are two stories going on in this book.  They are not similar and they don’t relate to each other.  In one, the FBI is pursuing a serial killer, but as they close in, […]