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Movie Review: “Wonder Woman”

Another superhero comes to the big screen. Wonder Woman comes alive as Gal Gadot stars in this feature film. She does an outstanding job. In prior films, she had a very small part to play but this time, the film was all hers. I enjoyed this film immensely. The story introduces us to Diana, the […]


Movie review: “Hell or High Water”

This was my second attempt to see this movie.  The first time, something happened to the computer and no one knew how to fix it.  At least, I got a rain check for that.  This week, I couldn’t find any new movies that interested me, so I went to a movie that had been out for […]


“Star Trek Beyond” Movie review

I really liked this movie.  It had a strong plot, good characters, and a lot of action.  The cinematography was outstanding.  The only thing that confused me was a picture of the old crew amongst the possessions of Ambassador Spock.  I thought this series had been a prequel, i.e. a young James T. Kirk and […]


“The Finest Hours” Movie review

Based on a true story, this movie documented the greatest small boat rescue in Coast Guard history.  In 1952, two tankers split in two during a terrible storm off the coast of Massachusetts.  One, the Mercy, was able to send out an SOS and all resources were sent to aid the ship.  The other one, […]


“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” Movie review

This movie uses some of the characters from Tom Clancy’s novels and creates a new story for them.  This version explains how and why Jack Ryan came to work for the CIA and how he went from analyst to operative.  I thought it was great—action-packed and an interesting plot.  Chris Pine plays Jack Ryan and […]