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Movie Review: “Fate of the Furious”

The Fast and Furious series of movies continues.  This one is probably the more complicated and interesting version of them all.  Of course, Vin Diesel stars with his family and adds Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stathan.  In addition, Charlize Theron plays the psychopath, Cipher and does a fine job of it. You may have seen […]


“Central Intelligence” Movie review

This movie teams Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson together in a comedy secret agent film  It’s hilarious, while dealing with some important topics like bullying and dashed expectations.  Kevin Hart plays Calvin Joyner who had the best years of his life in high school.  Twenty years later, he’s an accountant, passed over for promotion.  An […]


“San Andreas” Movie Review

This was a thrilling ride onboard a helicopter, pick up truck, airplane, and boat as two parents attempt to find their daughter during the worst earthquake in the history of San Francisco.  Wait a minute, I forgot the parachute part.  Yes, they even jump out of a plane. Dwayne Johnson plays Ray, Blake’s father who […]