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Movie Review: “Fate of the Furious”

The Fast and Furious series of movies continues.  This one is probably the more complicated and interesting version of them all.  Of course, Vin Diesel stars with his family and adds Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stathan.  In addition, Charlize Theron plays the psychopath, Cipher and does a fine job of it. You may have seen […]


Movie Review: “Mechanic: Resurrection”

I believe this movie was a take-off of the previous Mechanic series with Charles Bronson.  Jason Statham stars as the mechanic, the assassin Arthur Bishop.  He’s retired from the business and lives in Rio, but an old ‘friend,’ Riah Crain played by Sam Hazeldine, recruits him.  Crain needs Bishop to eliminate three men who are his competitors in weapons […]