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Movie Review: “Dunkirk”

At the end of May in 1940, the Allied forces in France were pushed west to the beachhead at Dunkirk. Over 400,000 men and equipment were trapped with nowhere to go. The air was filled with German planes and their ships patrolled the sea. Commander Bolton of the Royal Navy, played by Kenneth Branagh, supervised […]


“Cinderella” Movie Review

This is a movie about Cinderella with real people.  It’s been a long time since Disney’s done that.  The overall story remains in tact with a few changes and I still enjoy the tale.  Lily James stars as Cinderella and the handsome Prince called Kit in this movies and features Richard Madden in the role. […]


“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” Movie review

This movie uses some of the characters from Tom Clancy’s novels and creates a new story for them.  This version explains how and why Jack Ryan came to work for the CIA and how he went from analyst to operative.  I thought it was great—action-packed and an interesting plot.  Chris Pine plays Jack Ryan and […]