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Movie Review: “Hitman’s Bodyguard”

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson make a good team in this comedy/action movie. Reynolds is Michael Bryce who owns a bodyguard business in London, while Jackson is Kincaid, a hitman, wanted by everyone, but in this case, wanted as a witness against the tyrannical president of Belarus. Bryce has until tomorrow at five to […]


Movie review: “Life (2017)”

What would we do if we discovered life in space?  This movie attempts to answer that question as six astronauts onboard the space station find life on a Martian probe.  It starts as a single-cell animal and grows rapidly until it threatens the crew.  Jake Gullenhaal stars as Dr. Jordan, a space veteran who has been on the […]


“Criminal (2016)” Movie review

Kevin Costner stars in this movie as Jerico Stewart, a convict used in an experiment to transfer memories.  Tommy Lee Jones plays Dr. Franks, the scientist who has been researching this subject for 18 years.  He’s been given 48 hours to try his theory out when a CIA agent in London is murdered.  Jerico is flown […]


“Deadpool” Movie review

Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool, another Marvel action character.  He’s a mercenary, dedicated to doing good deeds until he finds out he has stage 4 cancer.  To avoid certain death, he opts to take a treatment that will heal his cancer forever.  Unfortunately, the process will make him into a super being or kill him.  […]


“Self/Less” Movie Review

This is an interesting sci-fi movie that leaves a lot of questions unanswered.  Ben Kingsley stars as Damian Hale, an aging real estate tycoon in New York City with six months to live.  He finds someone who can help him live on, but in another body and with another identity.  He’s told that the body […]


“Woman in Gold” Movie Review

I had to drive across town to see this film, but it was worth it.  Helen Mirren stars as Maria Altman, a Jewish woman born in Vienna, Austria who escaped just as the Nazis were taking over the country.  She left behind her parents and her family’s possessions to live in the United States.  One […]