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Movie Review: “Hitman’s Bodyguard”

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson make a good team in this comedy/action movie. Reynolds is Michael Bryce who owns a bodyguard business in London, while Jackson is Kincaid, a hitman, wanted by everyone, but in this case, wanted as a witness against the tyrannical president of Belarus. Bryce has until tomorrow at five to […]


Movie Review: “Kong: Skull Island”

It’s 1973 and the U.S. is pulling its soldiers out of Vietnam. At the same time, two men lobby a senator in Washington, D.C. to fund an expedition to Skull Island, a heretofore unknown island in the South Pacific. The expedition is approved but needs soldiers in addition to the scientists exploring the island.  Samuel L. Jackson stars […]


Movie Review: “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage”

Vin Diesel stars as Xander Cage in the third installment of the triple X series.  His boss, Morris, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is set on saving the world from destruction. and attempts to recruit a new member, when he’s killed by a satellite falling from orbit.  It’s been brought down by a new device […]


Movie review: “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

This is a very peculiar movie.  It was based on a best selling novel for children, which I haven’t read yet.  I’ll put it on my list to read. Jake is a teenager who lives in Florida with his parents.  When he calls his grandfather to check in on him, he can barely understand what his […]


“The Legend of Tarzan” Movie review

How many Tarzan movies have been made?  I don’t have any idea, but here’s another.  To my surprise, I found it very entertaining.  Tarzan was a good-looking dude played by Alexander Skarsgard and Jane was the very beautiful Margo Robbie.  But Samuel L. Jackson stole the show.  He plays an American diplomat, George Washington Williams, who was sent […]


“Kingsman: The Secret Service” Movie Review

Another Marvel movie.  I’m beginning to think that comic books are taking over the movie industry.  Honestly, I enjoyed this film.  It was a farce on the typical spy movies.  The Kingsman is an organization not affiliated with the British government, but moves to do good and save the world.  When one of its agents […]