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Book Review: “Fallout” by Sara Paretsky

This is a mystery novel, published in 2017 and features Private Investigator V.I. Warshawski. The book opens with two friends asking for Warshawski’s help finding a missing young man. He’s been implicated in a robbery of pharmaceuticals at a local gym in Chicago and has vanished. His friends, Angela and Bernie, don’t believe he did […]


“A Storyteller Stands Where Justice Confronts Basic Human Needs” by Sara Paretsky

This essay was taken from a collection called “Writers [On Writing] from the New York Times with an Introduction by John Darnton.  My intention is to provide comments only on the content of the essay. The author responds to a letter criticizing her work for being “infested” with political issues.  She doesn’t “sit down to […]