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Movie Review: “Dunkirk”

At the end of May in 1940, the Allied forces in France were pushed west to the beachhead at Dunkirk. Over 400,000 men and equipment were trapped with nowhere to go. The air was filled with German planes and their ships patrolled the sea. Commander Bolton of the Royal Navy, played by Kenneth Branagh, supervised […]


“The Revenant” Movie Review

Leonardo di Caprio stars as Glass, a scout for a group of Army soldiers and fur trappers during the frontier days of this country.  Out in the wild, the group comes under attack by Ree Indians who are trying to find a woman kidnapped from their village by two white men.  The woman isn’t with […]


“Mad Max: Fury Road” Movie review

I don’t think I’ve seen a movie with more action and dramatic car chases before.  I didn’t see the first two “Mad Max” films so I can’t compare it to either, but in this one, there was barely time for dialogue.  In addition, there’s an interesting storyline. Tom Hardy stars as Max who is taken […]


“The Drop” Movie review

The story takes place in Brooklyn and centers on a bar once owned by Cousin Marv starring James Gandolfini.  He no longer owns it as the Chechnyan Mafia has moved into the city and use the bar as a money drop.  Marv employs his cousin, Bob, as the bartender, a hard working, trustworthy man who seems […]